BeaverCraft knifes are a little on the thicker side and have similar thicknesses to the low end cheap knives. the picure above shows the difference in width from a FlexCut detail knife and a BeaverCraft detail knife . Even though BeaverCraft doesn’t directly state it in their product descriptions, the steel they use is 30MnB5 and they claim a Rockwell Hardness of 58 – 62. I feel like the RC is best chip carving knife more on the lower end of this range as I have to hone the knives a little more often than some of the other knives I own. Having the absolute basics covered in one whittling kit is super important for helping new whittlers understand what they need to succeed. keeping an eye out for quality and affordable tools and equipment as you never know what gems may be hiding under a cheap pricetag.

These blades are often used for clean cuts due to their straight-edge blade. In addition, the blade thins towards the edge to create a sharp slicing tool. Have you been considering taking up a new hobby this winter? You probably need one to lower your stress and anxiety levels during this long and grueling plague year. This all-level craft hobby can keep your hands occupied for hours, giving your eyes a much-needed break from all those screens.

Wood Carving Set Of 10 Tools Professional Wood Carving Set Wood Carving Tools Beavercraft

They are comfortable to hold and allow you to get a firm grip on the tool. We tested 20+ chip carving knives and chosen best 5 for beginners and professionals! Check Top 5 chip carving knives in 2021 – Review and Buying Guides. Stop Cut – This is the straight forward entry into wood used to create defined lines.

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  • If you are shopping within a lower budget or just want to try your hand at woodcarving, we recommend this tidy set.
  • I also imagine they help prevent damage done to the blades and prevent chipping as well.
  • BUT make sure to take care of your wood carving knives stropping them before after each use, for this you’ll find a stropping kit in a box.
  • You can start with a general carving sloyd knife by BeaverCraft though and then decide what type of carving you would prefer.
  • This is not too much of a problem, since they are not overly expensive, but it is a downside.

This is another durable set of cutting knives that offers ultra-smooth and intricate cuts. If you are interested in doing some advanced wood carvings, you should go for the Flexcut KN700 Deluxe Palm and Knife Set. My whittling kit did not come with any sort of “how to” directions for maintaining the knives. Companies like Flexcut does this and it makes it easier for anyone starting out to know the proper way to take care of their new knives. The handles that come on these knives are quite basic and I have a feeling that they are mass produced and used on other economy priced knives. BeaverCraft has quite a few different styles of knife options available.

Wood Carving For Beginners

Premium quality BeaverCraft tools with walnut handles in a new leather pouch. This carving set gives carvers a wide range of capabilities – from very detailed projects to roughing out the wood. Includes a roughing knife, detail knife, chip carving knife supplemented with leather strop with polishing compound. For those of you, who want to try yourself in chip carving Flexcut has a special chip carving knife to offer. It is one of the wood carving tools beginners might need to carve out very small objects and tight areas. With only a 1-inch-long blade Flexcut best wood carving knife can do what many other knives cannot.

beavercraft kit

This does make the BeaverCraft knives a hair more difficult to whittle with, but not by much. The knife edge on both FlexCut and BeaverCraft have similar flat grinds with no secondary bevel. Both are super easy to sharpen and can easily hold a razor sharp edge. FlexCut uses a High Carbon Spring Steel blade with a Rockwell Hardness of 59 – 61.

Moreover, knives less than 1″, or 25mm with a tight end would be perfect. So you can also buy one with a longer blade with a sharp point at the end. For amateurs, the construction with a straight edge is preferred, as well as in the general carving knife.

beavercraft kit