Consign with Us today!

Albert Peterson Guns is always actively seeking new consignment firearms and accessories. We provide some of the best auctions around and across the country with a very large following nationwide! We understand taking your precious and loved firearms to a dealer seems like bringing your vehicle to the car dealership. It always ends up in a price lower than you were hoping for! Why not let us sell your firearms and accessories for what the market is currently bringing and get you absolutely TOP DOLLAR for your loved items! We consign anything firearm related and other items! Our auctions bring current market value and then some! Don’t settle for the other guy, come let us put as much money back in your pocket as we can!

No Reserve Consignment Auctions Fees

We provide some of the best rates around! Our sellers fees are simple. They are a flat percentage based off the final sale of the item. No hidden costs, no shipping costs, nothing extra!

$1-299 items will be charged 20% flat seller’s fee
$300-499 items will be charged 15% flat seller’s fee
$500-4999 items will be charged 13% flat seller’s fee
$5000+ items will be charged 10% flat seller’s fee

Consignments are only for No Reserve auctions only unless worked out between Albert Peterson Guns and the consignor.

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